Our house stood roads in at the a distance where area from the lived. There weren't even any roads in the area we lived. Directly behined our house began a tangled mass of green thickets. Closest to our was the house of our neighbor, Annali-aga, but in order to talk to my friend Yazli, I had to climb up a tree or onto the roof. This morning Yazli was the first up on the roof.
    "Ka-a-y-um!" he shouted at the top of his voice.
    I put my glass of milk down and ran out into the yard.
    "Wha-a-t!" I bellowed out in response.
    "Come on over!" Yazli cried out. "Papa has an iron-bullock cart!"
    I rushed over to my freinds house. In the yard was a strange iron creature on enormous iron-spoked wheels.
     we my "Come cart!" on a over!" of or onto the iron-bullock "Papa village.
    "It eats fire!" Yazli whispered, and in a flash he was up on the seat. "climb on up! Dont worry, it wont't go anywhere unless you give it fire."
    I was still standing there awe-striken when annali-aga walked out of the house. "Take a seat next to Yazli, my lad."
    I had no choice but to climb up onto the hard seat. Annali-aga started up the engine, and the tractor came to life with a shudder.I grabbed on to Yazli, and off we went with a loud rumble. By the time we reached the field I had already grown used to the smell of the iron cart and its rumbling and clanging. I had even noticed that there was another iron device with teeth like axe-blades dragging along behind us. saw me staring.
    "Do you know ehat that is?" he asked.
    "Yes!" I blurted out. "It's the iron-cart's foal!"
    Annali-aga laughed heartily:
    "That's a plow, lads. A plow! You both run along home now I'vw got work to do."
    That was my first acquaintance with a machine of iron.

*    *    *

    Yazli was a bit older than me. I tagged along everywhere he went and always faithfully followed his  lead.
    "I found it!" Yazli  cried, pulling frill-capped mushroom up out of the ground from beneath a licorice bush. "Let's rub some on our knees.
    "For what?"
    "So we can run faster. Then the 'devil's wheel' won't be able to catch up with us.
    I peered around.
    "Where is it?"
    "At my uncle's! He sits on it and spins his legs and goes faster than if he were riding horseback. The next time he comes, I'II show you.
    We rubbed the frill-capped mushroom knees, and then snapping off some long twigs, took off running for all we were worth, leaving a cloud we of dust in our wake.
    Suddenly we came to an abrupt halt. Running directly across our path was the trail of a snake - a giant snake with a patterned skin. We began to follow its trail, but it seemed there was no end to it. We slowed our pace and looked around, but the trail clearly veered towards the house of Yazli's uncle.
    Beside the house stood the "devil's wheel" - a bicycle.
This was a part of my personal experience, but almost everyone of my generation, accustomed to automobiles, electricity and gas,once took the tracks of a bicycle  for those of a snake. And we're still in our prime! When have you stop and consider how much people have done over the past fifty years it makes your head spin. The miracles wrought by man have far surpassed those of the most fantastic fairy tale!