They walked further on towards the center of the island.
   "You were talking about marvels," Rakhim-aga began. "But once I saw a true miracle."
   "What was it like?" Arslan asked, his eyes shining.
   "It wasn't so very long ago, but before you were born. It was a clear day, and all of a sudden a storm cloud gathered overhead. First there was a downpour, then it began to hail, and together with the drops of hail frogs and fish came scattering down out of the sky!"
   "Right out of the sky?!" Arslan said incredulously.
   "Yes! Later a lecturer from the regional center came to the village and explained how such a phenomenon had occurred. A powerful whirlwind descends on a lake and sucks up both the water and all the small creatures living in the lake. It carries them away to a distant region and then, when it begins losing force, all the living creatures rain down upon the earth. A miracle?"
   "Yes!" Arslan said. "I wish I could see a rain like that."
   "If you live as long as I. have, you'll get to see everything,"Rakhim-aga promised.