In Turkmenia this lizard is called the sarykelneze, which means "yellow reviler". The sarykelneze has yellowish-brown skin the color of the sands and the branches of the saxaul. And it is called the reviler because it does nothing from sunrise to sunset but sit watch over the saxaul grove and revile the sun.
   The sarykelneze curses silently, and it's well-camouflaged by the sands, but its rage gives it away. A little pouch in its throat quivers and gurgles as if it were filled with boiling water.
   When the sun begins to sink behind the sand-hills the sarykelneze rejoices, thinking that its profanations have destroyed the heavenly orb. But the next morning the sun rises bri ht in the heavens and the sarykelneze reviles it once again. And its rage gives it away to its enemies, but it cannot stop.
   When the sun rolls down behind the horizon, the sarykelneze thinks that it's for the final time. But with every tomorrow there's a new sun.