Jam Jacob, hear my cries,
Saying Joseph, Joseph"
Tears of blood flow from my eyes,
Saying Joseph, Joseph,,.

Heavens weep for my tears'fount.
See bow I have suffered.
Like Majnun, I climb the mount,
Saying 'Joseph, Joseph".

And while I rove through the vales,
Clouds play shaping shadows.
I cross over hills and dales,
Saying 'Joseph, Joseph".

Off he went: no news of him.
Ido weep each morning.
I search far my hopes grow dim,
Saying Joseph, Joseph.'.

Some say he fell in a well,
Moon reflects his beauty.
Kerbela, Iraq I search,
Saying Joseph, Joseph '.

Skies are weeping for my pain,
Birds join in my longing.
Farhad's mountains I have slain,
Saying 'Joseph, Joseph".

Time both ends and starts too soon;
My soul - burning, burning.
I gaze up at sun and moon,
Saying 'Joseph, Joseph".

His name spreads now to and fro,
Love spreads it to roses.
So, from land to land Igo,
Saying 'Joseph, Joseph".

Maktumkuli sighs and weeps
For the friend he loves so.
I sing out the heights and deeps
Saying 'Joseph, Joseph '.

Versified by Peter Hughes